It all starts
with the land.
The Vivanco estate sits at an elevation of approximately 6,800 feet in the highlands region of Los Altos de Jalisco, which is known for its red, iron-rich soil. There, cool nights, warm days, and abundant rainfall help promote sweeter and richer agave.
Respect the piña
at every step.
The agave piñas are cooked in brick ovens for 54 hours and pass only once through a roller mill. This process ensures the tequila is not bitter and allows for remaining byproduct, the plant fibers, to be used as compost and returned to their agave fields as natural fertilizer.
attention to detail.
Iron-rich mineral water comes from a well on the estate that is approximately 800 feet deep. The Vivancos play classical music to the open-air fermentation tanks to encourage the yeast to “dance.” Sergio Vivanco describes this as his “Mozart” method.
Truly traditional distillation.
After fermentation, both tequilas are double distilled in small copper pot stills originating from the town of Santa Clara del Cobre near Pátzcuaro in Michoacán, the source of some of the world's most extraordinary copper.
The secret is in
the assemblage.
What truly makes Alma del Jaguar special is that it is a blend of two unique tequilas, both produced entirely at NOM 1414. Eighty percent (80%) of the blend is tequila fermented from natural wild yeast, and the remaining 20 percent (20%) is tequila fermented from champagne yeast imported from France. This blend allows Alma del Jaguar to pair bolder flavors and complexity from the wild yeast with the sweetness and subtlety from the champagne yeast.
From our hands
to yours.
Alma del Jaguar tequila is bottled unfiltered by hand at the source. Our sustainable packaging materials are sourced from suppliers within an 85-mile radius of the distillery, including 100% recycled Mexican glass bottles, agave fiber labels, repurposed cork closures, and recycled cardboard cartons.