Jaguars are our mission. Not our mascot.
Alma del Jaguar was inspired by a commitment to jaguar conservation and directly supports the Northern Jaguar Project, protecting wild jaguars in the Mexico/U.S. borderlands.
Rooted in Mexican culture.
The jaguar has played an important, symbolic role in Mexican history and culture dating back to the times of Mayans. All major Mesoamerican civilizations including the Mayan, Aztec, and Zapotec prominently featured a jaguar god. Alma del Jaguar is rooted in the culture of this revered animal.
Courtesy of Northern Jaguar Project
About la panthera onca
The true beneficiary of Alma del Jaguar is the jaguar, la panthera onca. The jaguar is the third largest cat in the world, second only to the lion and the tiger, and the largest cat in the Americas. Its range — from Arizona to Argentina — is shrinking, and only about 173,000 jaguars are left in the world. Most live in the Amazon rainforest and the Pantanal, a vast tropical wetland spanning Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay.
Courtesy of Northern Jaguar Project
AbouT Northern Jaguar Project
The Northern Jaguar Project (NJP) preserves and recovers the world’s northernmost population of jaguar, their unique natural habitats, and native wildlife under their protection as a flagship and umbrella species. The NJP manages the Northern Jaguar Reserve, one of the largest privately managed wildlife refuges in Mexico, located in the rugged Sierra Madre Mountains in Sonora, Mexico.
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Courtesy of Northern Jaguar Project
Tequila comes from the earth.
Let’s take care of it.
Alma del Jaguar is committed to sustainability throughout our production process, using 100% recycled Mexican glass bottles, agave fiber labels, repurposed cork closures, and recycled cardboard cartons. These materials are sourced from suppliers within an 85-mile radius of the distillery, reflecting the company’s desire to support local businesses.
100% recycled
Mexican glass
Agave fiber
Cork stoppers
from repurposed
Recycled cardboard
Purpose in every step.
Discover all the details that go into growing, harvesting, producing, and bottling our tequilas.
our production process