Bordering on Wild

Bordering on Wild is a short documentary series that delves into the life of the borderland. The premiere episode follows wild jaguars in the rugged landscapes of southern Arizona. This film explores the intricate balance between animal migration and human influence, with a particular focus on the controversial border wall's impact on these majestic creatures. Through the lenses of academia, ranching communities, and non-profit organizations, viewers are offered a multifaceted perspective on the challenges and solutions surrounding wildlife conservation in a borderland ecosystem.Themes
Wildlife Migration: Insights into the natural behaviors and migration patterns of jaguars in the southwest United States.

Human Impact: Examination of how human structures, especially the border wall, affect jaguar movements and broader ecological balance.
Conservation Efforts: Highlighting the work of various stakeholders, including scientists, ranchers, and non-profits, in their quest to protect jaguars and their habitat.


Warner Glenn
Warner Glenn is a legendary rancher from Douglas Arizona. His family settled along the Mexico / U.S. border in the late 19th century and have been running the J bar A ranch ever since. In 1996, Glenn was the first person to ever document a wild jaguar in the United States.
Melanie Culver
Melanie Culver is a key figure in wild cat conservation, serving as Co-Coordinator of the Wild Cat Research and Conservation Center and Assistant Leader at the Arizona Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit. As a USGS Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona, her work in wildlife conservation and management is pivotal in shaping effective conservation strategies.
Susan Malusa
Susan Malusa co-leads the Wild Cat Research and Conservation Center and manages the University of Arizona's Jaguar and Ocelot Monitoring Projects. Her expertise in GIS and data management enhances these initiatives, bridging community engagement with crucial conservation efforts for wild cats.
Roberto Wolf
Since childhood, Roberto has been passionate about animal care, starting as a volunteer at Chapultepec Zoo. His career in animal welfare and conservation has spanned roles at Africam Safari Zoo, Tamatán Zoo, and El Nido sanctuary, along with leadership in conservation efforts for species like the Mexican gray wolf and California condor. He's played a significant part in wolf reintroduction programs and binational conservation projects in Sonora. As of 2021, he leads the Northern Jaguar Project, focusing on jaguar conservation through cooperative solutions.

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